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Here you can share your STD treatment stories and read others' stories. All these shared stories were contributed by real people. We hope that you find their stories helpful and informative.

Share your story to help others now - it can even be anonymous!
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22 years positive
My cheating spouse exposed me to Herpes-2 a few weeks before he left me. Herpes can happen to ANYONE. I was always very careful to be safe when I was dating (...     For detail, click here.
Misdiagnosed twice
I've been HSV-2 positive for about 2 1/2 months. I contracted it from a FWB; however, we used condoms every time. He didn't know he had and I was the one to bre...     For detail, click here.
HSV1 genital
I got it the first week i was with my ex...maybe even the first night...from oral sex. That was over 21 years ago. Never knew what a cold sore could do to me....     For detail, click here.
Hoping to get something
I have been diagnosed with hsv-2 since 2012. Before the doctor read the results i knew thats what it was i didnt cry but held strong until later to cry. I have ...     For detail, click here.
don't let it get you down
I have been unlucky along with everyone else on this website. My now ex, who I thought was my best friend, cheated on me and this is the outcome. When I had my...     For detail, click here.

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